Who Are We?

A Perfect Match is one of the most experienced and trusted donor agencies in the United States, matching donors with families since the year 2000. Our professional team works closely with our donors to provide a service that is focused on you, the donor, as an individual. We know the time and effort it takes to commit to the entire process of becoming a sperm donor, and we treat all our donors with the care and the respect they deserve.

A Perfect Match works with individual families who have medical conditions leading to infertility, as well as same-sex couples and individuals who can’t create their family without the help of a kind and generous donor. As a matching agency, we act as the liaison between clinics, intended parents and donors. We also offer private advertising as an additional services to intended parents who have a unique need and haven’t been able to find a donor through us or other agencies. We never advertise for a compensation amount that is not a legitimate offer. All donors who have been selected by our advertising family have received the exact amount offered.



"....from beginning to end, someone is always there to walk you through the entire process. They are supportive, giving, compassionate, and thoughtful."

– A. Victorville, CA

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