Using the example of a $10,000 compensation, here is the breakdown of payments issued.

Installment #1

$1000.00 paid when donor does local semen analysis (not to be frozen or used for procreation) genetic testing and psychological screening.

Installment #2

$2000.00 paid for FDA screening and first donation.  This donation may be used by the family for procreation use or frozen.

Installment #3

$3000.00 paid when donor completes second donation (2-3 days after 1st donation).  This donation may be used by the family for procreation use or frozen.

Installment #4

$4000.00 paid upon completion of second FDA required screening (approximately 1 month after first donation.)

Compensation for sperm donation can vary, and here is why:

At A Perfect Match, we do not set the compensation for any of our sperm donors. The average fee for a first-time sperm donor is typically $10,000 or more (plus travel expenses); However, private ad sperm donors, and sperm donors who agree to exclusive donation may request a higher compensation. A donor’s requested compensation is noted on his online profile.

Just as we do not set a sperm donor’s fee, neither do we force intended parents to agree to the sperm donor’s requested fee. We will present every reasonable offer to the sperm donor and allow him to decide on compensation. Although we will help facilitate compensation negotiations between the parties, the sperm donor and intended parents must make all final decisions.

We also offer private advertising as an additional service to intended parents who have a unique need and haven’t been able to find a donor through us or other agencies. We never advertise for a compensation amount that is not a legitimate offer. All donors who have been selected by our advertising families received the exact amount offered.

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