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Offering above average compensation. Be part of a group of men who help people realize their dream of having a family.

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I am a single woman desiring to have a child


I am searching for a loving, smart, even-tempered, and compassionate man in his twenties/early thirties. My ideal match is college educated with academic interests or focus in science, biology, mathematics or technology. Creative talents or interests in music and the arts are strongly preferred. Multi-lingual and left handed are an added bonus.

I am open to all candidates, but prefer Caucasian, Eastern European, French, Swiss, Italian, Czech, Swedish, Danish or German ancestry. Jewish ancestry is an asset. Height of 5’7” and above. Prefer light eyes.

For the right person, I am offering compensation of $10,000 plus travel expenses, with potential for a bonus. Donor must be willing to participate in professional physical screening as well as genetics counseling and testing.

NOTE: This is an advertisement for a specific client. Choosing a genetic contributor is a very personal decision and is different for everyone. Anyone who is interested in sperm donation is encouraged to apply regardless of race or characteristics. We work with many intended parents from around the world who could potentially be a good match.

The Rewards of Becoming a Donor with A Perfect Match


Help Create a Family

Provide genetic material to create or expand a family that could not exist without the effort and kindness of a sperm donor.


Earn compensation that can be used to help finance educational goals, pay off debt, travel or help achieve other personal goals.

Compassionate Support

We know the time and effort it takes to commit to the entire process of becoming a sperm donor, and we treat all our donors with the care and the respect they deserve.


Donors learn more about their own fertility and genetics through the medical screening process.


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Choosing a genetic contributor is a very personal decision and is different for everyone. We have intended parents seeking a variety of characteristics in their donor, so we encourage anyone who is interested in sperm donation to apply.

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