Understanding the options for communication and contact between a sperm donor and intended parents

communication by phone

Phone Call

We use a confidential conference line when intended parents and donors want to speak with one another but do not wish to share their contact information.

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This is an excellent option for those who do not want their personal and confidential information shared or are undecided about having the child and donor meet in the future.

Our match coordinator will make the initial introductions and remain available to answer any questions. These conversations generally last 15 to 30 minutes. Most people enjoy such personal contact and consequently choose to work together after experiencing this level of communication.

Video Chat

Most people enjoy this more personal approach to an introduction and appreciate the convenience of participants being able to…

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attend a video chat while at separate locations. We ask all parties to create a new (free) Skype account whose name masks identifying information. If you already have such a Skype account, you may use this for the meeting. No personal contact information is shared at this time.

We will arrange a meeting day and time convenient to all and will be available during the chat to make introductions and answer any questions.

In Person Meeting

We accommodate personal face-to-face meetings between the parties, though with some restrictions. Since such a meeting is much more…

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intimate, a conference call or video chat is required first, followed by a tentative commitment to work together. Any costs associated with an in-person meeting are the intended parents’ responsibility.

In-person meetings are less frequent than other modes of communication, typically used by those who desire future contact between the donor and child—and often prefer ongoing contact directly with each other. Most people tell us that an in-person meeting is a very positive and comfortable experience—more like meeting with a family member or friend. In-person meetings generally last an hour. Most people enjoy this much more personal contact with one another and consequently choose to work together after experiencing this level of communication.

Most sperm donation cycles are non-identified—that is, there is no on-going and personal contact between the parties. However, many intended parents find it important to know they have chosen a donor who is kind and compatible with their family, in which case they may desire more connection with the donor than just a profile and photos provided by the database.

Whatever level of communication chosen by the parties, A Perfect Match is willing to facilitate and arrange for a level of contact between the parties that is positive for all involved. Whether you meet one another via phone call, video chat or personal meeting, it is a time for intended parents and donor to learn more about each other. It is not a time to discuss compensation or negotiate any contract terms. Nor is it a time to share any personal and confidential contact information, which occurs only after a legal contract is signed between the parties and a positive pregnancy result is achieved—and then only if all parties agree.

If, after a call, video chat, or in-person meeting, you feel more comfortable with a less personal donation, or a more personal donation, just let us know and A Perfect Match will accommodate the change. Remember, this is about your comfort level for donation.

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