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Specializing in meeting the deeply personal and individual needs of our intended parents, A Perfect Match provides warm, personalized egg donation, sperm donation and gestational surrogacy matching services. Incorporated in 2000 and with more than 22 years of agency experience, A Perfect Match has more than 2,000 births attributed to our programs.
Spend some time exploring our site to learn more about A Perfect Match and our menu of services. Or contact us today for a free individual consultation to discuss how our online, private, confidential registries of sperm donors, and personal services can help you create your own perfect match. Our goal is to never make you feel like a mere number when you work with us.
If you would like to view our sperm donors and are willing to sign a confidentiality agreement, please contact us for access to the donor database.

The Benefits of Working with A Perfect Match


Access to Database

Access to our free online database of donors – Sort by a great number of donor attributes.


Freedom to choose donor attributes most important to you – hair color, eye color, height, ethnicity, and verified education. View adult and childhood photos, donor profile, and history of previous cycles. Videos are provided individually by staff.

Verification of Education

We understand that verification of the donor’s academic history is important to you, so we request official standardized test score reports and transcripts from our donors.


Anonymous/Non-identified donation, open donation, and known donation are all accommodated – personal calls, video chat meetings, or face-to-face meetings with donors available.

Personalized Matching Services

APM employs experienced, full-time staff who are available during normal business hours to answer questions you may have. We also have private advertising options available to those who are looking for a unique donor match.

Types of Donations

There are different types of donation options available. You might prefer a non-identified donation, one with limited identifying information, or a directed donation. It is important to be matched with a donor who has a similar preference and expectation. You can read more about the differences by clicking the button below.

Communication with the Donor

Most intended parents prefer the opportunity to communicate with a potential donor prior to making a selection. This can be done by phone, video chat, or an in person meeting. A Perfect Match is willing to facilitate more communication between the parties prior to the match; however, we require a $1,000 ‘hold’ fee for providing this service and temporarily removing the donor from being matched with other families for one week. This fee will be applied towards the agency fee if all parties decide to continue for a sperm donation.

Compensation to Donor

A Perfect Match recruits intelligent, talented, healthy men to help those who cannot create a family without a sperm donor. The average donor compensation for a first-time donor is $5,000-10,000, but some of the harder-to-find ethnicities or repeat donors may request more. A Perfect Match does not set compensation for our donors because we believe the decision of who to work with and what compensation shall be paid is best decided by intended parents and donors. A donor’s requested compensation amount is stated on his online profile. You can click the button below to see a breakdown of how and when compensation is paid.

Have More Questions?

We are often asked many of the same questions about the sperm donation process.  We have information about what people are most curious about in one easy to access area. 

Agency Documents

Details and documents

Our current agency fee to match and facilitate a donation is $15,000. The agency fee is not due until a donor is selected. We do, however, require a $1,000 ‘official hold fee’ when a donor is placed on hold for a family. With this hold fee, APM sends your potential sperm donor’s profile, genetic questionnaire, and any previous cycle records to your IVF center for review. We will also arrange for a phone conversation or video chat meeting between you and the donor. In most cases, the hold fee is deducted from the full agency fee due to APM once you sign a retainer with APM and proceed with the cycle. The balance of our agency fee is paid in two installments: the first half of the agency fee is due when our agency retainer is signed by intended parents and agency; the second half of the agency fee is due when the clinic issues medical clearance of the donor. Note: APM is not a medical facility, nor acts as a project manager for the sperm donation. APM is a matching service only, acting as a liaison between the donor and intended parents, the IVF center, and any other professionals involved in the donation process for the purpose of maintaining anonymity of the parties. Our agency fee does not include the fees charged by your IVF center, testing of the donor, sperm donor compensation, sperm donor screening, attorney fees, psychological counseling, genetic counselor, or genetic testing. The cost for all professionals is the responsibility of the intended parents.
Once all the agency documents are received by A Perfect Match, we will send a match sheet to the IVF center so they can begin their screening process of the donor; we will also send a match sheet to the attorneys so they can begin the drafting and reviewing of the legal contract. The following are documents you will receive:

Agency Retainer

This document is sent to you after you place a temporary hold on the donor, and it outlines our services and obligations to you and your obligations to A Perfect Match. The retainer explains what happens if a donor doesn’t pass IVF center screening, or refuses to sign a legal agreement, or if the cycle has to be cancelled.

Estimate of Costs

A Perfect Match will provide an excel spreadsheet with each line-item expense we anticipate will be necessary for your cycle with the donor. The only costs we do not include are those due to the IVF center because we are not a party to the services you select through the center.
Intended parents pay the IVF center directly unless you make other arrangements and agreements with APM to pay these items through your trust account. Furthermore, we ask for an additional $1,000 to be held in trust to cover any extra expenses, such as extra birth control, an additional day of travel for the donor, etc. If any cost exceeds the line item on the estimate we provide, APM must obtain your prior approval before incurring that cost increase. We are very good at estimating costs and most of our intended parents receive a refund of excess funds at the end of the cycle.

Donor Travel Benefits

This document explains the donor’s compensation, sperm analysis start fee, and any travel arrangements for the donor. This Benefits package is signed by both the intended parents and donor, then sent to the drafting and reviewing attorneys so they can add the language to the legal agreement between the parties.

Fund Management Agreement

We use the services of an attorney specializing in reproductive law or a licensed escrow company to hold the trust funds for our donor cycles.
The attorney or escrow company will send you a fund management agreement, which is a requirement for them office to hold funds for the donor cycle. The funds in trust are based on the estimate provided by A Perfect Match and approved by intended parents. The funds in the trust account are your funds and are only used to pay for the agreed upon expenses set forth in the estimate, or agreed upon in writing should those amounts change, or a new expense is agreed upon in writing by intended parents and APM. The law office or escrow company should give you a complete accounting of every penny paid throughout the cycle. Redacted invoices and receipts may be provided to you at the end of the cycle. Monthly statements are available upon your emailed request to the law office unless they have an online portal system that allows you to review your account at your convenience.

Donor Screening

and eligibility

A Perfect Match carefully screens donor candidates only for acceptance into the agency donor program; the IVF center, on the other hand, screens donor candidates to determine the final eligibility of men who meet federal, state, and IVF criteria for undergoing a sperm donation.
A Perfect Match is a matching service only—we do not claim to have medical, mental health, or genetic expertise. Nor is APM licensed to provide mental health, medical, or genetic services. The questions on our in-house donor profile and genetic questionnaire are extensive, and we provide a copy of the profile and genetic questionnaire to your IVF center once a match is made. These documents are provided to A Perfect Match directly by the donor and are intended for use by APM for prescreening in our program and for matching purposes only.
A Perfect Match does not guarantee the accuracy of information on documents received directly from donor. The documents are not intended to be used as a medical or genetic screening tool for the IVF center, nor should they be relied upon by the IVF center when determining final eligibility of a donor for a donation cycle.

Pre-Screening Done by A Perfect Match

A Perfect Match conducts its own prescreening of donors for the sole purpose of determining acceptance into our donor program. Our donor prescreening includes the following:

  • A profile completed by donor
  • A genetic questionnaire completed by donor
  • Photos of donor and donor’s family
  • Official test scores and transcripts. On our database of donors, we note any educational claims that are unverified.
  • Documents of donor’s personal identity—driver’s license, school ID, passport
  • Records of any previous donations (received directly from the IVF center)
  • Any other documentation deemed necessary to make APM’s final decision to list or not list a donor candidate in our program.

When a donor is matched with an intended parent APM will provide the following to the IVF center:

  • Donor’s profile and genetic questionnaire provided to APM by donor
  • Copy of donor’s driver’s license and photo (so the IVF center can verify the identity of the donor you chose)
  • All previous cycle records received from IVF centers
  • Psychological clearance (as applicable)

A Perfect Match does its best to select candidates based on our experience with IVF center donor criteria. If a candidate states smokes; takes illegal drugs, has a family history of mental illness, primary cancers, heart disease, or diabetes; then he is generally not accepted into our donor program. The final determination of eligibility for your chosen donor, however, is always made by your IVF center.

Pre-Screening Done by IVF Center

Only an IVF center determines the final eligibility of the donor for sperm donation. Only an IVF center can provide or request medical and genetic testing and screening of the donor. Because each IVF center has its own donor criteria, a center requires a donor to complete its own documentation to determine the donor’s eligibility. The IVF center conducts a personal interview with the donor to obtain his family history, infectious disease history, and to complete a genetic and risk assessment. All donor screening requirements—including medical, genetic, and psychological screenings—are determined by the IVF center only, and only the IVF center can order any medical or genetic testing of the donor. The following are required by the majority of IVF centers:

Genetic Consult and Genetic Screening

Most IVF centers require genetic counseling for sperm donation cycles, unless they intend to do the more extensive genetic testing through Counsyl, Good Start, or similar companies that provide genetic counseling as a part of their testing services. All parties involved in the donation cycle will undergo some genetic testing; however, the actual genetic testing completed is determined by the IVF center. Intended parents should discuss all genetic testing concerns or genetic family history directly with the IVF center. Some genetic test results may take 2-3 weeks, and IVF centers will not begin the sperm donation protocol until all genetic test results are finalized.

If a genetic consult is requested by the clinic, the counselor reviews the donor’s profile and genetic questionnaire, conducts a phone conversation with the donor to discover as much genetic family history as possible. The genetic counselor then creates a pedigree, writes a report describing the findings, recommends any additional genetic tests based on the pedigree, and submits the full report to the IVF center and agency. Note that it is the sole responsibility of the IVF center—not APM or the genetic counselor—to determine which actual genetic tests are ordered for the donor.

The cost of a genetic consult is approximately $350 for the donor and is paid for by intended parents. Some counselors will discuss the donor’s consult with intended parents, but others charge an additional fee (around $150) to discuss the findings with intended parents so it can be determined if the donor and intended parents share any potential genetic traits that could cause an issue for a child. Any genetic testing of the donor or the intended parents is determined by and ordered by the IVF center. The cost of genetic testing is paid by the intended parents through the IVF center or trust account. Genetic consults are generally at no cost through the genetic testing company.

Psychological Screening

This evaluation detects psychological issues of a donor, as well as ensures the sperm donor fully understands the long- term and emotional aspects of donation. Although all IVF centers require such psychological screening of donors, some centers have their own in-house psychologist who determines whether to accept the donor candidate. Centers that do not have their own psychologist on staff require this screening to be done by a licensed mental health professional acceptable to the IVF center. A previous evaluation may be accepted by the IVF center if it is less than a year old.

A PAI, MMPI, or similar personality assessment is conducted with the donor during as part of the psychological screening. The mental health professional meets with the donor after testing for a personal evaluation, during which they may discuss the donor’s history, his understanding of the sperm donation process, and his commitment to the process. (During COVID this is done by video chat) The mental health professional generates a written assessment of the donor’s psychological suitability for a donor cycle. This assessment is submitted to the IVF center for their final approval and determination of the donor’s eligibility, and APM receives a copy for our files. Intended parents will not receive the actual test results or assessment.

Medical Screening

This screening is performed by either the primary IVF center or a monitoring physician approved by the primary IVF center. The IVF physician will review the donor’s existing medical records and conduct a medical history interview.  The medical screening will be based on the donor’s history and the IVF center’s specific protocol.   A semen analysis will be required to determine the quality of the sperm and its ability to survive a freeze and thaw.   The center will also do infectious disease testing to determine whether the donor meets FDA eligibility requirements.

Each IVF center has its own protocol for the screening of sperm donors and is responsible for determining which tests to perform on the intended parents and the donor. This is in addition to the FDA’s requirements for specific testing of each gamete contributor.  

Legal Contract

Once you are matched with your sperm donor and final compensation has been agreed upon, A Perfect Match will send the attorney referral to the attorney who will represent the intended parent and to the attorney who will represent the donor.  The legal contract will cover compensation, legal obligations of the parties, sperm donor’s conduct, legal possession of s/embryos, and future communication or contact between donor and intended parents, or between donor and child when of legal age. The contract may furthermore set limitations on the use of the donor’s sperm and resulting embryos.  

Most donors are willing to allow intended parents to use the sperm for creation of their own family, but most do not want any remaining sperm to be donated to others who intend to use it for procreation purposes without his knowledge or permission.  Although such terms are generally agreed to during the matching phase, a donor or intended parent can change their minds once they have legal counsel.

Similarly, a sperm donor may cancel the contract for any reason—until the day he provides his first donation for procreation purposes.  Such cancellations are rare, however, and typically due to difficult personal situations—death of a family member, his own medical issue that precludes him from donating, etc.  Donors rarely cancel a cycle after the legal consult, as he understands the level of commitment that is expected in the process.  Once the legal contract is signed and sperm donations begin, however, a donor may cancel only for medical reasons substantiated by the primary physician; otherwise, he will be in breach of contract.

Legal Representation

The sperm donor and intended parents have separate legal counsel. Attorneys will send their own clients an engagement letter that specifies the attorneys’ services and fees. Legal costs for both donor and intended parents are paid by the intended parents directly or through trust. The intended parent’s attorney is the drafting attorney, and the sperm donor’s attorney is the reviewing attorney.
An attorney should have a minimum of 3 years of experience in the reproductive field. This ensures that the contract’s terms reflect APM’s donor program and any applicable State of Federal laws.
The drafting attorney sends an initial draft of the contract to the intended parents for approval, after which the contract is sent to the reviewing attorney. The reviewing attorney discusses the contract’s terms with the donor, noting any changes the donor may desire. The reviewing attorney then notifies the drafting attorney of any change requests in the form of a redline document. Once the terms of the contract are finalized, all parties are required to sign the contract, at which time a legal clearance letter is finalized and issued to the IVF center. The donor will not start the sperm donation protocol until all parties sign the sperm donation contract and the drafting attorney sends a legal clearance letter to the IVF physician.
Upon receipt of a copy of the final agreement, APM will request a final payment of funds to be placed in trust to cover expenses based on the terms of the contract.

Trust Account

As part of the legal agreement, the full amount of funds for the sperm donor cycle—Including cost of travel, and donor’s compensation—are placed in a trust account prior to when the sperm donor beings the protocol for donation.
The trust fund is required to protect the identities of all the parties. Invoices will be redacted to remove the names or other identifying information of the parties. Our goal is to have all invoices paid promptly, to always protect client and donor identity, and to ensure that our clients receive a full accounting and access to reports and statements concerning their funds. Unfortunately, not all companies provide this service to the degree that APM requires, and we ask that you consult with us prior to making any arrangements


We believe every donor should have access to information about his donation results.  This is not to invade your privacy as intended parents, but to inform the donor so he can make decisions about his own future family planning.  We ask our intended parents to sign a medical release authorizing the IVF center to let APM know the number of vials of sperm donated, the number of eggs fertilized, the number of embryos created, and if there was a pregnancy.    Such information is valuable to the donor not only for his family planning and future donations—but it can confirm for him that his efforts resulted in a positive outcome and will make a difference in the lives of others. Donors are compensated financially, but they donate to help others create families—and they want the best for you and for any children created through their donation.  Donors are not interested in being a parent to your child. 

Finally, we require that you and the donor agree to notify each other of any medical or genetic issues that may become known to the donor’s family or to the donor child, and we request all parties notify us of any change in contact information.  This can be done through the agency, the attorneys, the IVF center or a third-party provider specializing in holding information for donor cycles.

We wish you the greatest success as you navigate through this journey toward parenthood!

For access to the database or questions regarding the sperm donor program, please call 619-464-1424 or click the button below.